According to a recent article in Born2Invest, sophisticated fitness centers are among the top five amenities for luxury rentals.

What is a sophisticated fitness center? It’s the balance of seamless functional operation, technology and aesthetics that blend cohesively to amplify the workout experience and wow residents. Creating such an environment takes careful planning, extensive knowledge of fitness trends, equipment and accessories, and design expertise.

Also making the list of the top five trends is technology. This is no surprise… we all not only want, but expect to be constantly connected, guided, and informed by the latest technology, and that includes our fitness regimen.

Digital guided fitness is all the rage, and for luxury rentals, choosing the most refined and extensive, yet operator-friendly option is critical. Our suite of digital solutions was born from over 20 years experience and expertise in designing hotel fitness amenities.

Aktiv TV is digital fitness guidance at it’s best. This flexible content management and distribution platform is designed to deliver fresh and branded workout experiences for residents any time. It is a fully deployed solution that’s scalable, cost effective, and simple to operate. Once it’s deployed, it operates on it’s own with no burden on management to continually oversee or program.. Aktiv TV supports both communal and individual training in virtually any setting.

Aktiv Virtual is a personalized on-demand kiosk designed to deliver the ultimate virtual personal training session. Comparable to the cost of a treadmill, Aktiv Virtual delivers an unlimited combination of workout variability and fun in the very same footprint!