Rig… Functional Frame… Jungle Gym – call it what you will. If are looking to better facilitate functional training, you may be in the market for one.

If this is the case, be sure to select “Smart Rigging”.  What is Smart Rigging? A structure that truly facilitates programming, storage, suspension, safety, sufficient user occupancy, and style … not simply a jungle gym. GYM RAX is Smart Rigging. Let’s take a closer look …


Statistically, by far and away, the fastest growing style of exercise is HIIT and circuit-based training. While this trend seems to be here to stay, we all know it will morph into various forms and functions as time goes by. Rigging that’s flexible to transition and evolve as fitness trends do is a must.  The new GYM RAX Free Anchor system allows for complete portability, so as your programming and use of space evolve, the Free Anchor system can be disconnected with ease and neither the rigging nor the space will be damaged in the process.

Storage & Suspension

When it comes to storage – It’s in our DNA. GYM RAX facilitates space preservation and function in a significantly superior format than any other storage system available. From the NEW Universal Ball Rax to our shallow basin air-vented Trough Rax, GYM RAX storage solutions provide exceptional value and function for any space dedicated to movement.

Ease of Installation and Cost Savings

The vast majority of fitness based rigging today requires permanent fixture to a structural floor or wall to achieve safety and performance benefits. This requires verification that the flooring or walls be scanned to avoid penetration into non-structural surfaces upon installation. The GYM RAX Free Anchor system eliminates this time-consuming and costly process altogether. The installation process is also much more streamlined.


Safety is paramount, and it’s ingrained in every facet of the GYM RAX design. This is best  illustrated by our unique boot system that provides a protective base shrouding, eliminating the dangers and unsightliness of exposed anchor bolts.

The GYM RAX Free Anchor system offers the smallest functional footprint in the industry,for ease of positioning within any environment. Unlike other rigs, the design also allows for virtually unlimited use of the space surrounding the rig, with no large or impeding hardware getting in the way.


Be sure to invest in efficient utility andpresentation reflective of the style and environment of your space. The cost of ownership towards a more thoughtful selection of rigging over time in minimal compared to cardio and other equipment category purchases. Spending a bit more to gain a better aesthetic and quality of system will pay massive dividends over time and extend the longevity of your investment.

It’s rare today that one would consider a purchase of a non-Smartphone or non-Smart TV. You would largely be leaving the vast majority of technological advancement behind. The same holds true for Smart Rigging. Selecting equipment with wide appeal that can well adapt to your space and usage requirements over time is key.