Yesterday, today and everyday going forward, the safety of your guests and residents will always remain your number one priority. With the world on high alert given the emergence of the Coronavirus, now is a fantastic opportunity to educate and demonstrate best practices toward amenity hygiene.

Strong operators remain as prepared as possible for reducing the transmission of bacteria and viral infection utilizing similar protocols to that of hospitals and restaurants, including:

  • Disinfecting all surfaces, mirrors and floor with hospital-grade disinfectant and regular deep cleanings
  • Displaying signs in and around the fitness facility to remind guests and residents to wash their hands before and after workouts
  • Offering several hand sanitizing stations
  • Encouraging employees to wash hands for at least 20 seconds often throughout the day, especially after eating, coughing/sneezing, using the bathroom.
  • Encouraging employees to remain home if sick
  • Continuing to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus and adhering to all directions outlined by CDC

As we proactively engage guests and residents about what can be done together to significantly reduce the transmission of pathogens, we will further maintain a safe environment for exercise and healthy living vs. fear and isolation.