FitnessDesignGroup™ and AFP provide specialized planning, design, and supply consultancy to amenity and for-profit based facilities nationwide. We collaborate with clients in their quest to both inspire and retain guests, members, and residents from the facilities we conceptualize.

Our process establishes focus on the efficiency and usability of a given space. Functional Fitness Design incorporates architectural principles, equipment and footprint specifications, electrical and plumbing configurations, traffic flow and clearance issues, guest preferences, and a myriad of other technical, environmental, and cultural factors.


We work with interior designers and others to incorporate a vision for project styling, textures, floor and wall coverings, and all related areas of aesthetic and sensory interaction with end users. As Functional Design Specialists we remain focused on the interaction of the space with those who will use it for exercise and dynamic movement in the safest manner possible.


The following parameters dictate effective Functional Fitness Design for commercial exercise space:

  • Exercise Balance
  • Functional Arrangement
  • Adjacencies
  • Environment
  • Efficiency