In 2015, Millennials surpassed Gen-Xers as the largest share of the American workforce at 34%. As a result, office owners and developers are bullish to create Class A amenities that meet the needs of this notoriously demanding clientele.

Fitness has proven to be key amongst the 18-34 crowd. A recent survey found that Millennials make up 48% of all regular exercisers aged 18+ who do gym-type activities. So what exactly are Millennials looking for when it comes to a workplace fitness amenity? When developing or refreshing your office workout space, consider these Millennial-attracting trends:


Millenials can detect inauthenticity from a mile away.The key to forging a unique fitness space is designing with a fresh, experiential, and local context. Meet user needs by considering all aspects of the surrounding community, including art, environment, and vibe. Source domestically manufactured products and recycled materials wherever possible.


A workplace fitness amenity must appeal to the inherent diversity of the workforce, but also serve as a place where employees come together. Build camaraderie by incorporating functional, multi-user pieces and space for on-demand small group classes.


Consider an environment that caters to your employees’ fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyle. The packed, confining fitness spaces of old now feature plush lounge seating for a convenient mode to catch up on emails post workout.


The fitness space should be well-prepped and highly conducive to portable technologies like mobile phones, tablets, and wearables. Millennials are all about digital mobility and real-time sharing of information. Remember, ‘smart’ spaces always feature an effortless, high-speed connection.

Attracting and retaining the best and brightest calls for employers to outpace competitors with first-in-class facilities. Incorporate the above suggestions for an engaging and successful fitness space that has both your company and your employees in mind.