NOW Dispense Hygiene Wipe support directly to Equipment and other Stations!

As guest become increasingly eager to re-enter your fitness centers it’s imperative to have your gym wipes in stock and with plentiful supply.  Given the high demand and out of stock issuesthis can be challenging.

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Introducing Aktiv Hygenix’s NEW Equipment Wipe Dispenser

The Aktiv Hygenix Equipment Mount Wipe Dispenser secures to virtually any size post or even wall mount so that you can offer hygiene support wherever you need it. Easy to reload offering both commercial grade velcro and permanent mounting hardware, it’s the perfect solution to place throughout your facility equipment offering to demonstrate hygiene assurances to your guests.

The Aktiv Hygenix line includes a full assortment of dispenser and wipe options and can be found here. (link)

Air Purification

Consider implementing smart and cost effective air purification systems. We’ve partnered with Oransi to offer an optimized and easy to implement system.  The Aktiv Hygenix C-EJ120K Commercial Purifier system was chosen by the Javits Center in New York early during the Coronavirus outbreak. It provides a Medical Grade HEPA filtration efficiency of 99.7% + a secondary granular activated carbon filter effective for all gasses. It does not require connection to your HVAC system, and it can be placed in pods to provide effective coverage for any space.

Don’t Run Out!

Select a recurring shipment option, save money, and secure prioritization for your hygiene wipes and air filters with the Aktiv Hygenix Subscription Program. With Hygiene wipes in great demand, lead times can be up to four weeks on orders. By scheduling your order, you’ll be prioritized in order placement and receipt.