Today’s amenities must reflect the balance and functionality that guests, residents, and employees seek. The Functional Training Ecosystem designed by Aktiv Solutions fits into any environment, creating a safe, user-friendly training experience.

Add a Functional Training ecosystem to your amenity space.

Standard Suspension & Multi Bay Suspension

Standard Suspensions Bays are highly configurable and may be used for dedicated storage or combined with suspension systems. These highly customizable suspension anchoring and storage systems maximize efficiency and exercise functionality.

Configurations to meet any space. These state-of-the-art suspension training and modular systems begin with a single bay and grow with infinite customization options. Activate group studios, dynamic training areas, flexibility zones or anywhere you need with a little extra organization and functional training support.

The FUNctional Corner

Corner Suspension configurations allow fitness amenities to activate and power under-utilized spaces, while blending seamlessly within the training area and fitness center.


Optimize the function of space and suspension training with Fitgraphix floor markings. Designed to improve any user’s experience with self-guided TRX® training sessions. Enhance and elevate the functional training experience to support form and safety for all fitness amenity spaces.

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