Why is communal experience within the fitness space a defining feature for existing and potential residents?

Humans are social beings wired for community– it’s our survival mechanism. Psychology Today reveals that community bonding releases a happiness-inducing hormone: oxytocin. It’s thereby no surprise that within the wellness environment, a communal culture would wholly translate to an increasingly enjoyable fitness experience and higher overall engagement ratio amongst residents.

Cultivating a social-fitness concept will encourage belonging and motivate residents to exercise more frequently, consequently resulting in happier, healthier residents more likely to invest in their current residence long-term.

If your on-site fitness amenity lacks social sensibility, here are four AFP-proven strategies to cultivate community:


Today’s technology extends the opportunity for connection with anyone, anytime. Ensure this tech trend translates to your fitness space by incorporating a high speed Wi-Fi connection and ‘smart’ cardiovascular technology for effortless access to all in-demand social media streams.


Gone are the days of the isolated fitness experience. Dynamic training pieces, like functional pulleys, allow several users to train simultaneously, creating a sense of physical and emotional support for gym goers.


When it comes to an engaging fitness amenity, single-use spaces are not so singular. Utilize outdoor terrace areas to comingle a relaxed-seating environment and Zen stretching zone, like our client AvalonBay Communities’ AVA 55 Ninth property. Naturally functional spaces are opportune ways for neighbors to acquaint themselves and build relationships.


It’s no secret most communities have unsupervised amenities—so how does one create sociable circumstances?——-Implement regular email communication to your residents on the latest updates and improvements to the wellness space; create property-wide training competitions with tracking software like MyFitnessPal and FitBit and host exciting, neighborhood events.

A well-thought-out fitness amenity will undoubtedly inspire communal spirit and bring residents together. Adopting initiatives from simple to complex will establish your property as an unparalleled place to live. Follow the suggestions above for happy, healthy residents, or enlist some added creativity to form a fitness environment uniquely your own.

This post is authored by Bryan Green, Founder and CEO of Advantage Fitness Products