No one anticipated a wide scale shut down of fitness centers and other communal amenities within multi-family properties. The gym itself is a coveted and perpetually increasing lifestyle driven amenity for residents.  Now with the ongoing prospect of greater “stay or work from home” behavior, multi-family community density will strongly impact how and where residents exercise on property.  Designing an effective plan to manage and maximize appropriate spaces dedicated to resident well-being is critical.

Consider the following:

  • How can you help facilitate your residents in their desire to prioritize fitness, health and self care beyond the four walls of the fitness center?
  • What steps must be taken to rebalance the existing fitness center floorplan to effect digital guidance, improve traffic flow, and implement essential hygiene modifications?
  • Where might you identify adjunct spaces, both indoor and outdoor, to mitigate the load on the existing fitness center?

FitnessDesignGroup is here to help and are working diligently with our residential development client’s to assist in this effort. Reach us today to initiate our 2020 Multi-Family Planning & Rebalance Initiative (COVID-19)