Feature Re-printed from: Bisnow Newsletter, Untold Story: What’s Driving Construction of the Tallest Tower West of Mississippi

Just like there are social media trends, there are also social fitness trends, and the hottest one going right now is Millennials wanting to exercise and be well within their own tribe and property.

Advantage Fitness Products (AFP) founder and functional design guru Bryan Green tells us that Millennials don’t require 30k square feet of a health club, and that their lifestyle has zero to do with driving to a gym. For them, it’s more about exercise balance, proximity and preserving time.

Bryan’s total wellness solutions company powers multi-residential properties and others with cutting-edge design and tailored supply. That’s a good thing, since most developers don’t hold specialized fitness amenities as a core competency (yet Bryan offers benefits more tailored than the health club down the street, if planned for). Bryan adds that Millennials will absolutely spend a premium for a fitness amenity as long as it’s sufficiently in line with today’s trends and remains that way. Also trending: fitness areas with more open space for dynamic movement.







Bryan Green, Founder & CEO – Advantage Fitness Products