Los Angeles, CA


UCLA’s athletic history and reputation are the stuff of legends. With an incomparable tradition of success, UCLA’s commitment to student athletics is a critical part of its culture and identity. UCLA’s 15,000 square foot athletic training center supports over 850 student athletes annually. The facility is used exclusively by UCLA’s male and female athletes and is not open to the general student population.


Provide the solutions necessary to keep UCLA’s elite athletes at peak performance levels by supplying cutting-edge training equipment and maintaining the highest levels of safety. Given UCLA’s long-standing tradition of leadership and success in college athletics, the university’s athletic training center had to represent the state-of-the-art.


Over the past several years, the university has gradually expanded this facility to 15,000 square feet (two times its original size). UCLA has looked to AFP to provide design and supply services during this continual process of development and refinement. Considering its size, layout and the vast equipment offering, the goal was to provide UCLA with the most targeted and effective methods of athletic training and conditioning. We developed a facility that fulfills every consideration for the physical and athletic performance demands of collegiate athletics. With athletes themselves representing significant investments for UCLA, safety was also a primary area of concern and focus.

“By providing UCLA’s Strength and Conditioning Program the most innovative and effective training equipment available, we can expect our student athletes to be fully prepared both mentally and physically”, said E.J. ‘Doc’ Kreis, UCLA’s strength and conditioning coach and two-time NCAA Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year. “On behalf of the entire UCLA family, we are proud of our relationship with Advantage Fitness Products and extremely grateful for the support and commitment they have made to UCLA Athletics and our student athletes.”

Equipment & Technology

  • AFP Athlete of the Month Program

  • Olympic Platforms

  • Iron Man Indoor Cycling Bikes

  • Specialized Core and Stability Stations

  • Over 12 Tons of Free Weights