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Case Study : Throwdown Training Center

No other sport has exploded as quickly on to the international sports scene as mixed martial arts (mma). The sport’s emergence has also triggered the emergence of mma training techniques and regimens as a viable form of mainstream fitness, not only for aspiring competitors, but also for anyone looking for an exciting and dynamic way to get their body into peak condition. Mma training centers are beginning to emerge, and leading the charge is ufc sponsor throwdown, the official energy drink of the ufc and title sponsor of an elite chain of mma training centers, the first of which is based in mma training hub, las vegas. Throwdown looked no further than afp when outfitting this, the first of its facility chain with equipment and accessories.

Facility Description

The throwdown training center in las vegas is the first in a line of mma training facilities being developed nationwide. Backed by title sponsor throwdown - the official energy drink of the ufc - these unique training facilities serve the growing legions of mixed martial arts professionals, aspiring amateurs, as well as those individuals turning to mma training as a unique alternative to conventional exercise and training methods.

Project Summary

No sport has exploded more rapidly in the past decade than mixed martial arts (mma). Pay-per-view numbers for the sports marquee brand, the ufc, are eclipsing those of boxing by a significant margin, bringing heavyweight networks like hbo into the fold, as well as mainstream top-tier corporate sponsors.

One sponsor that has been committed to this burgeoning sport for quite some time now is throwdown, which manufacturers and markets a popular line of throwdown energy drinks and stands as the official energy drink of the ufc. Further etching itself within the fabric of the sport, throwdown, has begun an ancillary marketing endeavor as the title sponsor for a chain of mma training centers around the country, the first of which is located in one of the mma world’s largest hubs for new talent, las vegas. This center serves as a source for education and training for anyone interested in developing mma knowledge and skills, across a variety of martial arts disciplines.


Afp established a formal relationship with throwdown training centers as the “exclusive fitness equipment and accessories provider” for all throwdown training centers as they emerge around the country. “no other sport requires as high a level of training intensity as mma, and we’ll require the best equipment available to meet our client’s needs,” said jeff mulholland of the las vegas throwdown training center. “as the leaders in fitness consulting and supply, there’s no better company than afp to serve our unique needs.”

Equipment & Technology

  • Treadmills and Ellipticals

  • Integrated Personal Viewing Screens

  • Selectorized Strength Equipment

  • Extensive Strength and Free Weights

  • Ambient Entertainment Systems



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