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Advantage Fitness Products has the experience to help you address challenges before they become problems.

Keeping up with emerging trends and technologies in fitness can be a costly and resource intensive process. Without effective planning and guidance, the risks and associated costs can be significant. Our expertise can help you anticipate the needs of your clients and plan for the future requirements of your facility.

A successful fitness offering is not a one time, off the shelf endeavor.  Each organization, and its customers, have defined needs that present a unique set of challenges.  AFP is expert at understanding your business and your customers’ needs.  Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of electrical and data wiring for your equipment, or simply knowing your customers’ exercise preferences,  AFP is your Total Fitness Resource.

For more information on how we can help you plan for your facility’s future, ask us today at My AFP Specialist.

HP Hotels has worked hard over the years to find quality vendors that deliver superior service, product and pricing. AFP has been our fitness equipment vendor for many years. AFP provides the TOTAL PACKAGE, and we won’t work with anyone but AFP because our account manager Joelle McCasland has worked hard to deliver what our standards demand. We use AFP across our entire portfolio of hotels including Hilton, IHG, and Choice brands.

  • Kerry V Ranson, President / CEO HP Hotels
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