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Specialized Equipment

Advantage Fitness Products provides innovative fitness technology and programming wellness solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals served by the fitness and health care industries.

Ab Coaster CS3000

Ab Coaster CS3000 - Ab Exercise Equipment

Commercial Series product line has been re-designed for 2010. The new features of the Ab Coaster 3000 include stainless steel rails for an ultra-smooth ride, adjustable hand grips, and a free-style motion seat. In addition, this unit features ultra-glide nylon rollers and sealed steel bearings. It will accomodate a 40 lb. olympic weight capacity and allow a user-weight capacity of 450 lbs. Quick and easy assembly. The Ab Coaster is a revolutionary exercise device that is taking abdominal training in a whole new direction. Unlike traditional crunches, which work your abs from the “top down,” the Ab Coaster works your abs from the “bottom up,” while limiting stress to your neck, back and shoulders. The Ab Coaster’s patented design, combined with its plate-loading resistance system, allows
anyone - from beginner to advanced - to achieve great abs in the most effective way possible.


Dimensions: L 61” W 33” H 58”
Weight: 150 lbs.

Ab Coaster

Through its patented design, combined with a plate-loading resistance system, the Ab Coaster allows anyone— professional athletes, health club members, and home exercisers—to achieve great abs in the most effective way possible.

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