Top Tips for In-home Fitness Environments

As featured in Home Gym Magazine
By Bryan Green, President, Advantage Fitness Products


Whether you’re a top celebrity with 2000 square feet of space, a fitness enthusiast with a favorite modality or a casual exerciser with some room to spare, here are some tips that will save you a lot of trouble as you plan, consider gym interior design, build and maintain your in-home fitness environment:

If you don’t have enough, don’t do it! However, “enough” is likely far less than you might anticipate. Your fitness level and the specific exercises you enjoy are key considerations where space is concerned. For instance, those with solid training experience can get the most out of a simple bench, barbell and dumbbell set up. On the other hand, those with less experience may need the benefits of a multi-station machine or functional training device that supports and ensures proper form and technique. These more-sophisticated products typically require a bit more space, in order to get the most out of them.

Freedom to Move
It’s critical to look beyond the specific dimensions of the products you choose and consider the importance of functional space around them. The anticipated footprint of any product should also include at least three feet of space around its perimeter to allow you to move comfortably around it and use it in a safe and comfortable fashion. Exercise is about freedom of movement and if you don’t have this freedom of space to maximize the function of the product, you’re asking for trouble.

Function Over Form
Just because a product may fold up neatly into a corner or fit under a bed efficiently, doesn’t mean it will be as efficient in delivering an effective workout. With many such products, we sacrifice effect for convenience. The misconception about home gym equipment is that as long as the unit itself is small and can be “put away” doesn’t mean that the functional space required to exercise on the equipment itself can be accomplished in the same foot print…Further, once you take it out…does it perform with the same fluidity or ease of use that you would expect from the commercial gym equipment you use at the health club? If your priority is a truly effective workout, convenience should be a secondary consideration.
Many individuals are not looking to terminate their club memberships when they set out to develop a home gym space. Often the home gym environment is created to augment their time at the health club. To this point, the primary consideration should be choosing components that are either highly versatile, or that in combination, allow you to achieve a truly comprehensive workout as you would at the health club. There are a number of excellent multi-purpose products and new technologies available that provide an entirely new level of versatility from a single product. For example, Acceleration Training devices offer full body workout capability from products slightly larger than a typical medical scale. On the other hand, good old-fashioned dumbbell set ups can target the entire body with ease.

It’s no secret that indoor exercise can be boring. Now, do it in a smaller space with less variety of equipment and exercises and the enjoyment factor is an even greater challenge. Having an entertainment system in place, whether it be via television or just ambient music, will go a long way in motivating you and maximizing your focus through the duration of your workout.

Your garage is for your car and oftentimes, items you wouldn’t dare store in your living space. So why would you want to engage in your healthiest activity where you can still smell the exhaust from the drive home? Find a place…any place that is pleasant, visually motivating with bright vibrant colors and well lit. Natural light is always a plus, so if possible, choose a room with windows (“throwing weight around” is only a figure of speech!) Maintaining a training regimen is challenging enough. Choosing a pleasant environment will stack the cards a bit more in your favor.

Regardless of your exercise preferences, budget or space, an in-home fitness facility can be a great way to improve your health and well-being. I hope these tips will help you as you consider your options and create your dream workout environment.

Bryan Green is President and CEO of Advantage Fitness Products, a company dedicated to providing fitness solutions to non-fitness companies. AFP offers a full complement of services including Planning, Design, Supply, Service, and ongoing facility Support to help make fitness a valuable and profitable offering for clients across several industries including: Hospitality; Professional & Collegiate Sports; Education & Recreation; Property Management; Corporations; Municipalities & Government Organizations; Medical, Health & Wellness Organizations; and Private Clubs. For more information regarding Advantage Fitness Products and our solutions, please call us at 888-895-0547.