Ask The Expert - Bryan Green



As featured in Hotel Business
Questions answered by Bryan Green, President, Advantage Fitness Products

Hotel Business: What does the hospitality industry need to take fitness seriously?

Bryan Green: The same reason bedding and other in-room amenities are important; meeting guest demand. Travelers have increasingly integrated fitness into their lifestyles. This is no fad. Preventative wellness will continue to be at the forefront of the consumer mindset.

Hotel Business: What Brands have embraced the demand for balanced and quality fitness centers?

Bryan Green: I am please to say, several. Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Marriot, and IHG come to mind as they have all developed broad commitments and brand standards. Boutiques and limited service brands are charging ahead themselves with consistent offerings and solutions that meet guest needs.

Hotel Business: What would you say are the fundamentals all facilities must incorporate?

Bryan Green: Facility design, safety, hygiene, and well maintained equipment. A successful fitness facility is one that has been properly planned for. Equipment layout, entertainment, and exercise balance are critical. Gone are the days of simply filling a room with stuff.