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Advantage Fitness Products is proud to align ourselves with many of the most respected experts in the Health, Wellness and related industries. These collaborative relationships enable AFP to provide exceptional resources for our clients by leveraging a significant depth of industry-leading experience and expertise.

Greg Joujon-Roche // Personal Trainer

Holistic Fitness


Greg Joujon-Roche


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"Bottom line: it's all about service, and AFP has always been there for me since day one. I make one phone call and it's handled...period! No matter what the circumstances, small or large, AFP delivers."

- Greg Joujon-Roche


From GI Jane to Spider Man, world music tours and most recently Troy and Spider-Man 3, Gregory Joujon-Roche and Holistic Fitness are helping to sculpt the bodies and spirit of the entertainment industry. He was tapped by Good Morning America’s to serve as the official trainer for the show’s 2006 three-part weight loss challenge “America Takes it Off”. He was the trainer for VH1’s Rock Bodies: Fab to Flab in conjunction with Self Magazine and has appeared on the syndicated series Live Like a Star. Joujon-Roche’s unique emphasis on the mind-body connection has made him one of the most highly sought trainers in the industry.

Fitness Focus

Holistic Fitness is more than the flavor of the month fitness program.  It is rooted in Gregory’s commitment to nurturing and supporting his clients’ inner self while creating a fitness and lifestyle program that is uniquely their own.

Philosophically out of tune with the confines of traditional fitness and training programs, Gregory founded Holistic Fitness with the mantra that “we can maximize our own potential by being as connected to our bodies and exercising in the most efficient way for each of us.” Joujon-Roche works with a client’s mind, body and spirit/energy to help them maximize their potential.  His approach is from a perspective of self not some idea of self, some outside picture of someone else they want to look like. Holistic Fitness has grown quickly since 1994 to include a team of the finest doctors, cooks, masseuses, yoga instructors, martial artists and fitness experts available.

Learn more about Holistic Fitness and Gregory’s unique approach to personal training by visiting the Holistic Fitness web site.

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